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Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite

In an era where seamless connectivity is non-negotiable, the Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite takes centre stage. Our Service unravels the technological marvel that is revolutionising high-throughput connectivity, setting new benchmarks for speed, efficiency, and global reach.

Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite

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Unveiling the Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite

This is a new satellite delivering up to 150 Mbps Downlink and up to 10 Mbps Uplink.  Whilst this is a Geostationary Satellite, it is the most powerful satellite launched, covering Europe, North Africa and much of the Middle East, The latency makes this service perfect for all applications with the exception of gaming.  The major advantage of this system is low operating cost. 

Services start at £14.90 per month inclusive of VAT.  The system is perfect for home use, all commercial applications including Security Systems, Machines, remote sites such as power generation and any application where reliable internet is not available.

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Why choose Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite?

The Eutelsat Advantage

Unprecedented Speed and Reliability

Delve into the superior speed and reliability offered by the Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite. Businesses can operate seamlessly, with minimal latency and maximum efficiency, empowering them to thrive in the digital landscape.

Ensuring Connectivity Beyond Expectations

Explore the commitment to customer satisfaction through round-the-clock support. The Eutelsat team ensures that connectivity challenges are addressed promptly, guaranteeing a smooth experience for users.

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Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite: A Closer Look

Enhanced Security Measures

Understand the robust security features embedded in the Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite. From encryption protocols to threat detection, businesses and users can trust in a secure and protected communication environment.

Scalability for Future Demands

Learn how the Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite is designed for scalability. As data demands grow, the satellite adapts, ensuring that users can seamlessly expand their operations without compromising on connectivity.

Up To

250 MBps


Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite

Why choose Southpoint Consultancy for VHTS Satellite?

The Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite emerges as a beacon of high-throughput connectivity, reshaping the way we communicate globally. Its commitment to speed, reliability, and adaptability positions it as a game-changer in the dynamic landscape of satellite communication.

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Your Guide to Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite

The Eutelsat Konnect VHTS Satellite employs advanced technology to provide higher throughput, faster speeds, and more extensive coverage compared to traditional satellites.

Absolutely, the services are designed for both businesses and individuals, offering flexible plans to meet the diverse needs of users.

The satellite’s extensive coverage and high-throughput capabilities make it an ideal choice for delivering connectivity to remote and underserved areas.

Eutelsat is committed to environmental sustainability, and the satellite is designed with energy-efficient technologies to minimize its ecological footprint.

The satellite is equipped with advanced technology to ensure reliable connectivity even in adverse weather conditions, making it a dependable choice for users globally.

Certainly, Eutelsat offers customizable plans to meet the specific connectivity requirements of businesses, allowing them to tailor their subscription according to their needs.

Absolutely, Starlink understands that each business is unique. The services are customisable to meet specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for every enterprise.